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Lifespan: Defying Aging

A Feature Length Film intended to shed light on the aging bias that impacts the population’s ability to sustain life on their terms.

The Baby Boomers are the largest population and have been changing societal norms since birth. The last Boomers are turning sixty this year. Medical Breakthroughs are extending life well into the 100s, and the outdated retirement is no longer sustainable. Living with vitality is happening. The Boomers are still encountering this bias, and many are disrupting it. With this film, we will disrupt the representation of the aging population and how women are represented in film. Disrupt the bias that they are no longer valued or have a place in society once they are beyond their childbearing years. Opening doors to them that are closed, such as competing for a tenure track professor in her 60s. She will be at the beginning of middle age with lifespan predictions beyond 120 with health and vitality. Beyond her age she would be able work faster and more focused on her research and the timeframe of a decade to become tenured can be reduces by at least a third.

Another obstacle this film intends to disrupt is shedding light on the patriarchal oppressive forces have on a woman’s financial life and many leave long term marriages with no financial gains and are starting over in her 50s financially with a master’s level education. We want to look at the traditional female careers are still underpaid. Longevity in a career is the only sustainable outcome. This film intends to disrupt the aging biases that impact women’s sustainability over her lifespan.

I am searching for an executive producer who is interested in this project and wants to contribute financially.  The pitch deck is a visual representation of the film.

Aging is the last socially acceptable Bias.

The dark side of medicine is the industry is making lifelong patients full of illnesses with the last 30 years of decline into a slow, miserable death and high profits.

This Film intends to disrupt this bias.

The light side of medicine is that revolutionary breakthroughs are being discovered that predict life well into our 100s.

When women break free of oppressive patriarchal forces, they need time to take those teachings into society to help the younger generations change the course of society for true inclusivity.