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Married to Madness


Anti-Social Personality Disorder

René Estes

filmmaker | storyteller

Headshot Rene in Animal Print Shirt 2017

I am a woman who has risen from so many ashes. This is the first story I am sharing with you.

I am René Estes, a filmmaker, storyteller, third generation entrepreneur, a child of the space race. I have written scientific papers for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), built the Video Mentor, as SaaS LMS that teaches filmmaking. I wrote all of the content for the modules. I have written content for my social media and LinkedIn accounts, which have 10,476 followers.

Being a long wolf without backing is a financial death sentence. He won’t murder me but will drag me into court, force me to spend my life savings put me peril. He will drive my daughter into self injury and searching for answers in the broken medical system in Colorado.

This book is for every woman navigating madness and searching for a guiding light. I hope this book provides inspiration and light to navigate your exit without sacrificing your financial stability, maintaining your wealth, whatever it is. Starting over in your fifties is unsustainable and barbaric for anyone to ask that of you. The other absurd question asked of women is, which would you like, your child or wealth? No man would be asked that question, and no scarcity question should be asked of any woman.