Filmmaker, A Visionary


René is a third-generation entrepreneur. A child of the space race. Her father literately brought the moon to her in so many ways. In addition, to him testing the second stage for the Gemini and Apollo missions, he would ask her extensional questions. Such as René do you think we are the only living beings in the universe? She would answer, I don’t know. He would say, It would be arrogant of us to believe we are the only living beings in the entire universe. The way in which he tried to make sense of his life and childhood, he turned to the movies. The questions he would ask when they watched the credits…what is a Key Grip (before the internet). The relationship with my father gave me the foundation for how she approaches the world.

She was also told from a young age to sit there and be pretty. When you are just sitting there and being pretty. Not much is going on for you personally. This was the beginning of people-watching. It was the beginning of watching movement, lines, form, shape and color, and temperature. It included how my family and friends interacted. How my brother, only 10 months older than me, would zip around all over the place. She watched then. She watches today.

René is a University of Colorado, Boulder Alumni, with a BA/BFA in Film Theory and Production. She also holds a BS in Geology. Interestingly, there are many similarities between these two disciplines. Lines, movement, texture, and a story to be told.